Thursday, February 7, 2013

sweet treats and lolita musings

hey everyone! sorry i havent posted in a while. i've been getting adjusted to my schedule for this semester, and i've had a lot of quizzes and exams already!

i've been trying to get a lot of rest to avoid the terrible flu epidemic here, and i've also been watching breaking bad. i've also been hooked on downton abbey as well, so when i'm not studying i'm sleeping or watching those... (╯3╰)

anyway! i have some outfits to share with you that i'd forgotten to post as OOTDs!!

first up~

sweatshirt- won from hudiefly giveaway at the geeky peacock
jeans- forever 21

the outfit was at christmastime, so i wore this kurisumasu bracelet i made a year ago.

 i made this ring for my store, but i kept it for myself!

i made these hit clip earrings for myself, and pinned a wooden cross onto a bow.

both charms here are from kings island.

all right! here is my next outfit, a fairy kei coord based off of christmas items i got!

shirt- disney online store
bow- ribbonholic
tutu and ring- pinkly ever after
tights- vintage
shoes- sperry top sider at macey's
necklace- i honestly forget the brand right now but i got it in the artists alley at youmacon!
bracelet- target
ring- ann ani

i will have to do a review of pinkly ever after soon-- they are SO AWESOME. i can't recommend them enough!!

anyway, i've been excited for a lot of stuff in the future right now!! bands i love are being really active, and that always is such good news. my friends harry and the potters are doing a show here on valentines day that i'm really excited for. 

i've also been able to wear my lolita way more often because of my schedule now for class. as soon as it gets warmer, i'll be able to wear it a lot! i feel like i'd love to write about lolita and my experiences with it more, as i love my local community and love to talk about lolita.

i almost want to wear this exact coord again for valentine's day! hehe.

anyway, i will be writing again soon and i will definitely do a review of P.E.A. for you guys!

that's all for now!

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