Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ann Ani Review

hey guys! while i'm trying to get this blog to look nice, let's have some actual content, huh?

so recently, i bought some things from the cute Ann Ani store for my birthday. i saw how they carried a bunch of cute things from different kawaii culture brands like SWIMMER and Ribbon Holic, so my mom kindly bought me some things from them that i found too adorable to resist.

here's their pretty carousel 2-way, which includes a sturdy hair clip that doesn't slip in my hair and a pin, so the bow can be used as a brooch if you so desire. it's a nice pastel yellow fabric that shimmers with an iridescent, glittery quality. the clip/pin is attached really securely and nicely, and so are the little gems and the horse on the front. it's delicate looking, but i don't think it'll be falling apart any time soon! it's also available in blue.

here is my new favorite bow, a fluffy 2-way bow by ribbon holic. i'm a huge fan of this bow. again, it's really well-made, so i'm not afraid of it falling apart. i love the colors and how adorable the little stars are on the upper layer of fabric. it's also huge, so it's perfect just by itself on top of an updo for the summer heat. i also love the gold charm on the back. this "sugar ribbon" is available in two other colorways.

i also love this cute little ice cream necklace. i love the minty blue soft serve and the sparkles on it, but the little pearl elevates it from the usual ice cream jewelry you see. i also really like how the chain reflects the cone color, and the length seems perfect for this particular charm.

i've always loved all things SWIMMER so i jumped at the chance to get this now out of stock badge set. they're pretty big, and they're absolutely adorable. i'm a little afraid that the rhinestones might come off, but i think if i just use them as brooches and not on a purse they would be perfectly protected. these are sold out, but ann ani has two other swimmer badge sets in stock as well as some bags.
as for this tulle ribbon bow ring, i love the combination of pastel minty aqua and pink. the little jewels and ribbon in the corner are really well secured, as is the ring itself. the craftsmanship is great-- you can't see any stray glue, or any signs of the construction. it's super cute, and i've been wearing it with almost everything since i got it. it's also available in pink x purple, and pink x pink.

now, as for the shop's work itself, i was really satisfied! their website is well designed and the package came very quickly. the packaging, which i didn't get pictures of because i opened it on my birthday, was also really cute, and i appreciate when people go the extra mile to make the packaging extra sweet. there was a big silver glittery heart on the mailing box, and inside the items were wrapped inside a pink heart patterned plastic bag with a cute sticker. they also included a little note as well as some freebie rainbow bobby pins and star earrings in the shape of some shooting stars on a card! the backings of the earrings are bendy and therefore i can't get them to go in my ears correctly, but they're still adorable and i might use them for a craft or something. 

the little star earrings

tiny card

a sweet note with a little geisha stamp thanking my mom for shopping with ann ani

overall i was really pleased with how cute their offerings are and the service and i'll probably be buying from them again, considering how much more adorable stuff they have for sale!

dividers from glitter-graphics.com

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