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Lolita 52 Challenge: 5 movies for Lolitas

hey guys! so as part of my resolution to blog more about the lolita aspect of my life, i've sworn to do caro-chan at fyeahlolita's wonderful Lolita 52 Challenge. since i didn't start until now, i'm going to have to double up sometimes. but for now, let's see:

lolita movies fashion amadeus emma wreck-it ralph series of unfortunate events pizza-kei cute

i'm just going to assume we all should have seen every version of alice in wonderland, every tim burton film, and marie antoinette, right?

1. Amadeus

i chose amadeus because i think this film is absolutely perfect. it's visually stunning, and being set in the late 1700s and the 1800s the film overlaps with lolita aesthetic quite a bit. there's absolutely GORGEOUS period costuming in this film, and of course, beautiful decor. there seems to be a focus in the film's aesthetic especially on muted pastels, so i think sweet or classic lolitas would love this. it's creepy and sad, as well, so gothic lolitas would enjoy that aspect of it, i'm sure. but really, this film is for ANYONE who enjoys excellent cinema. wonderful, moving storytelling paired with awesome visuals that certainly evoke the lolita aesthetic. 

and if you don't believe me that it's perfect for lolitas, mozart even wears a pink wig.

2. Wreck-It Ralph

okay, this might seem like a weird choice, especially compared to the oscar-loaded movie i just told you to see! well, wreck-it ralph is an animated disney movie, but it is a gem of a film. it's full of heart and charm, and as lolitas and nerds are a vienn diagram that almost make a circle, it's probably got a reference in it to make you laugh or smirk. the world in WIR is imaginative and beautifully rendered, and EVERYONE IS SO CUTE. EVEN SKRILLEX. i love this movie, and i want it to win all the awards this season, but alas, i fear brave will win simply because of the Pixar Rule (the rule is if it's not Pixar, it doesnt win). i believe in the magic of this film with my core. it's my favorite movie of 2012 for sure.

but most importantly what makes it so good for lolitas-- sweet, in particular, and the more OTT and sugary the better-- is SUGAR RUSH. partway through the film, the setting changes into Sugar Rush, a japanese racing game full of anime-esque saccharine-sweet racers including the anomaly Vanellope von Schweetz who is a wonderful, sweet, and hilarious character. the sugar rush portions of the film are full of detailed, realist candy backdrops, from gumdrop roads to meiji apollo strawberry chocolate people to oreo knights to pocky as the cattails in a swamp. it's not only adorable, but also rendered with only the amount of detail disney can achieve. it feels real, AND IT FEELS LIKE I WANNA LIVE THERE.

it'll surely inspire you to cover yourself in deco or make a replica of vanellope's cookie necklace. i definitely got inspired by sugar rush in my fashion as you can see by my last post!!

3. The Importance of Being Earnest (1952)

Film Still

ok, first off let's be clear: I'M TALKIN BOUT THE 1952 VERSION OF THIS OSCAR WILDE CLASSIC PLAY. i need to stress this because i don't want you to see the newer 2002 version-- it sucks. it might have some good costuming, but even though it has a bunch of great actors, it's entirely unfunny from the portions i've seen!

however, i recently saw this and it is a great movie for lolitas. the plot of the film is that the leading men, jack and algernon, both are "bunburyists"-- they put on charades in order to go party and do what they want without being held responsible. this ends up in a huge confusion as jack needs to balance his alias with the desires of his would-be fiancee, and algernon also ends up in trouble because of falling in love. this play is hilarious and full of the wonderful one-liners wilde is so famous for. this movie adaptation in particular has hilarious actors and AWESOME, totally OTT for the time period costuming. it's meant to be a "society comedy" where it satirizes the victorian people who would have been seeing it, and it shows in the comedic delivery of hilarious, judgmental quips and flowery tulle headdresses.

4. Emma (1996)


i think any good jane austen adaptation is good for lolitas. wonderful, ethereal clothing, strong feisty females, and endearing characters? perfect. i love gwenyth paltrow in this adaptation of emma the most out of any emmas. this story is about the titular emma being a matchmaker for everyone but herself. it sounds like a typical romcom plot, but it's dealt with in a much more appealing way. it's a very cute film with really great costuming, and good actors to boot. you'll be emotionally and visually invested within the first few minutes!

5. A Series of Unfortunate Events

if you haven't seen this movie, WHY. it is so very, very perfect. jim carrey was pre-emma-stone crazy and all was right with the world. wonderful costuming. both a delightful and stomach-twistingly sad story. JIM CARREY. 

this story of the baudelaire orphans and their misadventures after the mysterious loss of their rich parents is one that i've enjoyed in book form since young childhood, and from my middle school days onward as a young adult. the only thing bad about this movie is that i always am so saddened at the end because it only covers the plot of the first 3 novels + some temporary denoument so you can leave the film feeling okay. the kids are too old now to play violet and klaus, but jim carrey could still be olaf. maybe in five years or so we could get a recast?

the lolita aesthetic is strong and dark with this one. violet dresses in a lovely gothic dress for the entirety of the movie, plus a cute blue coat. the locations: count olaf's stripey and eyeball-ridden shack of a mansion, old libraries, burnt down beautiful homes, and uncle monty's reptile room-- are all cool enough to invite you in while still feeling dangerous and vaguely creepy constantly. therefore, i think it's wonderful for classic and gothic lolitas, but anyone should watch this movie.

WOW that was long.... i hope you enjoyed my first Lolita 52 post! i will try to do these a few times a week from here on out!

that's all for now!

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