Monday, October 15, 2012

Meeting Heroes (and an OOTD)

hello everyone, and hi to all the new readers out there! welcome!

sorry for the break in posting recently. i've just gotten through all my midterms, and that's quite a time-suck. i've also been preparing for youmacon and going to lots of concerts the past few weeks. a great time for midterms, huh? > <  

i saw the avett bros., cake, metric, and the wombats. this last week, though, i saw a band i've been aching to see for years-- motion city soundtrack! (you've probably heard their song LGF.U.A.D., which was how i found them back in the day.) i got to meet some of the members, too, which was so nice! their openers were now now (who i've never heard of and didn't get there in time for) and jukebox the ghost, who are a really fun band i'd actually heard a few songs from before.

i went with my best friend jessica, who came from her out of state college to go with me. it was in a nice little venue in a theatre housing other venues i'd been to. i'd never been to this room, but it was intimate and a ton of fun! barely anyone was there. 

jessica and i accidentally matched our entire outfits. i'm not kidding!! we both wore red pants, black chucks, black t-shirts and black jackets. i'm still laughing about it now.

 the bands were so good, especially mcs. i have to say this might be the best crowd i've ever seen for a concert. EVERYONE screamed along the lyrics. at some points they seemed louder than the band. the band remarked they didn't even know human beings could be so loud!!

as for when we got to meet them, i was really happy. i had the guitarist and bassist sign my ticket-- but it was accidentally my ticket from cake and metric a few weeks ago!! i'm not too upset because come on. that's friggin hilarious.

justin (pictured here) joked about communicating without words after the show and i thought he was really joking, but he actually didn't speak to save his voice! i used sign language to talk to him at first. it was so nice to meet him. he's as sweet as could be and has incredible hair. one of my favorite lyricists ever, to boot.

so, one of the biggest pieces of advice i give that i believe in is to see as many bands as you can possibly see if you love music in any capacity. going to shows is always such a fun experience for me and it's a big part of my life. the people watching, the clothes, the scenes and atmospheres, and the performances are all so fun to see. i love it so much. 

and going along with that, i would also say don't be afraid to meet your heroes. i mean this!! people say don't meet your heroes, and i just think this is plain untrue. i've met a lot of bands from going to so many shows, and i LOVE IT. i'm so so lucky and happy to have met all these artists i respect so much. and you know what? they were all pretty much really nice!! the most that ever happened was that someone wasn't incredibly warm, but they were still polite. and this only really happened once. i've even befriended one of my favorite bands just because i wanted to meet them. i think people want to be nice to their fans for supporting them, generally. so for the most part, musicians will be polite when they meet you. and if they're not-- are you so sure you want to be their fan if they don't have common courtesy or are mean people?

i've only had good experiences meeting people i admire, both musicians and artists, etc. and life is short, so i want to pack it with as much fun as possible.

so, on to the OOTD! this was from about a week ago.

navy jacket- thrift store
button- swimmer, bought from ann ani (reviewed here)
necklace- ebay
brooch- gift from a long time ago
bow- bought from ann ani (reviewed here)

i wore my ribbonholic bow and some forever 21 mint green acid wash jeans as well as some black boots with this, not pictured.

i didn't get one full good picture of everything or the accessories like last time! sorry about that.

 i took one of my cute halloween brooches and put it under the bow. (i only realized the bow was upside down halfway through the day...)

i got this cute little twin stars necklace in a best friends set for my mom (who got me into little twin stars) and myself on ebay! the seller even included a cute wooden phone charm of a bike.

so that's all i have for today! i'll try to post more often especially since i have a few outfits saved up to post. see you next time!

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