Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Nail Ideas

hi all you lovely dolls! september is nearly over, and while it's not quite october yet it's finally fall fashion season. the weather has cooled down here a lot. i've been getting to break out sweaters and actual jeans and tights. i get really excited because fall is such a prime season for fashion.

so let's look at some fall nail ideas!

from Chalkboard Nails
obviously fall is a reason to start breaking out dark polish. the magic in the crisp cool air and the loom of halloween make using dark tones perfect. i love this manicure by chalkboard nails using only one collection of polish. the shiny jewel tones are perfect for the season, especially the reds and oranges. i also like the method she used here and might like to try it with an array of different colors!

black tipped manicure
i've been digging tipped manicures recently. one trend i'm especially loving is matte polish mixed with shiny polish!! you can achieve this look either using a specifically matte polish or a "mattifier" which is a topcoat that creates a matte look on any polish. i really love this look here of black with black. very witchy and good for halloween or any time, really!

an orange matte manicure made with a mattifier by Essie ("Matte About You")
a navy blue is a wonderful fall or winter dark color for a matte manicure.
matte velvet polish by Zoya
i think greys are great for fall. OPI makes a nice line of matte polish.
and if you can't opt out of your love for pastels, they look great mattified as well!

another thing i've been loving lately is metallic polishes. i used some with black on my nails recently for a tipped and accent nail manicure!

i used sally hansen crystal chome in 60 pink crystal, covergirl boundless color 410 amethyst mist, loreal bijou crystals in 955 rebellious on the thumbnail, and milani nail art in 703 black sketch for the tips

magnet polishes are also a really cool trend in polishes lately. the colors the come in are dark and fall-y, too.

sally hansen's range of magnetic polishes
how it looks on nails
you don't just have to do the straight-up magnetic polish, either. this is a great example of spicing it up with some gold flakes!
another thing i love is doing different fall shades on one manicure. i did this with a couple of my favorite reds recently and the result turned out beautifully! i'm so happy with it. you could also try this with oranges or greens, or pinks would even look really cool!

sally hansen insta-dri in rapid red 09 and rimmel vinyl shine in rapid ruby 484
so that's all my ideas for fall nail art! i just love reds and everything in general for fall so there's a ton of options if you check out the polish aisle in your drugstore or target. try out different things!

i'll be doing a 2spooky halloween nail art post sometime soon! stay tuned!

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