Tuesday, October 16, 2012

OOTDs: Homestuck inspired!

hey everyone! here's the rest of the outfits i've yet to post. still brewing up halloween fashion posts though, including nail ideas, and some cosmetics reviews.

first up is an outfit inspired by latula pyrope from homestuck! she's a cute skater girl who tries a little too hard to be totally radical but succeeds. she has an adorable gamer girl mentality and she's so spunky and fun. i love her and the potential complexity to her character. i can't wait to see how she develops!

i also love her clothes. i'm working on a cosplay!! for now, just an outfit.

i swooped my hair to one side as latula seems to have in her talksprite.

 jacket, metallic leggings, socks- target
earrings- rock and roll hall of fame souvenir, wal mart
phone and pokewalker deco done by myself
shirt made by myself in a workshop
vintage boots

i wore two different earrings to invoke an 80s rad aesthetic.

g4m3 g1rl!

and my other outfit was for my faaaaaaaavorite troll, vriska serket!

 vriska loves 8s, spiders, cool colors and red, and anything doomsday-related. she has a cool, creepy feel to her interests. i adore her because of the complexity of her story and character as well as her motifs. she also has a lost eye, which i factored into my accessories.

shirt- topatoco
spiderweb necklace, socks, shoes- target
octopus necklace- artisan, i forget the artist but i'll amend it later with her website.
ring- youmacon
bracelet- wal mart
bow- kreepsville
shorts- hot topic

an octopus for vriska's love of 8s.

no face is creepy and has a lot of themes of ambition and consumption tied to him, like vriska.

spider socks ::::)

so there are my homestuck outfits as of late! more things to come, especially posts of a halloweeny nature, so stay tuned!

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