Monday, March 4, 2013

OOTD- mint sweater, peter pan collar, SWIMMER button

hey everyone! how are you all doing? sorry for not posting in a while. i have an outfit to make up for it!

pizza-kei cute pastel goth fairy kei soft grunge ootd fashion japanese j-fashion alt-fashion alternative kawaii cute

sweater- vintage
blouse- tj maxx

jeans- target
boots- walmart

buttons - SWIMMER, hot topic

bow clip- gift made by my mom
earrings- hey chickadee

i've been super busy with classes because of midterms and stuff, but i'm still trying to keep time for the things i love! i may be behind on game grumps, but i did use time during the lord of the rings weekend my mom and i just had to crochet a pastel detachable collar with a pearl button. i can't wait to make more of these, and maybe sell some in my store when it opens.

i also have been trying to get back into making bento lunches to take with me to class in order to save money. i used to make videos about bento lunches and a lot of people are wishing i would keep making those videos! maybe this summer i will, if i have time. i just kind of lost my passion for making bento during high school. but now, i have a great reason to make cute and healthful bento to eat!

i really do like college, even though it's really consuming. one cool thing is how i often get freebies when i'm hanging around studying. i got this awesome adobe backpack the other day and i'm still pumped about it.

anyway, i'll keep you guys updated and do some more lolita 52 posts and whatnot really soon!

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