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Lolita 52 Challenge: 5 inspirational fictional characters

lolita fashion inspiration lolita 52 pizza kei cute kawaii

hey everyone and hello to all the new readers! i really loved doing the last Lolita 52 challenge, so i couldn't resist doing another one already!

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1. Sailor Moon

sailor moon pizza-kei cute pizza kei kawaii lolita 52 fashion inspiration japanese anime manga clothing

i think that arguably, sailor moon is one of the most influential anime/manga of all time. not only did it revolutionize the mahou shoujo genre, sailor moon has inspired many, many people in a multitude of ways!! i think it's created many artists, feminists, anime fans, and has just been a well-loved series, and for good reason.

the reason i chose her as an inspirational fictional character for lolitas specifically is that sailor moon is feminine, but strong. she is absolutely adorable, both in uniform and in street clothes, but she also saves the world on a daily basis and vanquishes ultimate evil. not only is she powerful in that regard, but over the course of the series she becomes so emotionally strong. she starts off as sort of a "dumb blonde" and while in a lot of comic regards she stays that way, she matures so much through the series.

her wardrobe itself is probably more inspirational to pop-kei and fairy-kei as it's VERY 80's, but she does dress matchy-matchy sometimes and almost always very cute. the general aesthetic of the series is really cute, as well-- full of flowers and unicorns and mahou shoujo artifacts, and lots of pastel and glitter.

also, she's a princess who is also a superhero. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FOR YOUR PERSONAL ROLE MODEL.

2. Cinderella

pizza-kei pizza kei cinderella cute kawaii inspiration inspirational lolita fashion

cinderella's beautiful blue dress has always been so fascinating to me. the way it's animated is so poofy and pretty and wonderful! she's another great strong female character, and her story shows you dreams can come true, no matter the circumstance. this could be applied to getting that dream dress, becoming a lolita or becoming the lolita you want to be,  or living a happy life the way you want to live it. i love that moral because it is so hopeful.

also, i've always loved the scene where the animals repair her dress. it's not only a cute scene, but it's also inspiring to DIY-ers, seamstresses, and lolitas on a budget!

3. Princess Bubblegum

if you're not familiar with adventure time, you probably should be; it's one of the best cartoons to come out in recent years and it's jam-packed with comedy and eye candy. quite literally-- princess bubblegum here is ruler of the candy kingdom, a land whose inhabitants are sentient treats and candies. a lot of the show takes place there, and PB is a frequently returning character. 

her wardrobe is ADORABLE. a huge portion of it even seems like it's already lolita, and the other portion is just plain cute. usually she wears bell-shaped skirts and pastel colors, so she's a wonderful style icon for any kawaii culture enthusiasts. not to mention she's also a genius and rad scientist in addition to being the cutest princess ever.

(there's tons of fanart of her in actual lolita too, if you would like to see her modeling the fashion.)

4. Mabel Pines

mabel is THE QUEEN OF MY AFFECTIONS. she is the co-star of gravity falls, a cartoon wherein she and her twin brother solve the mysteries of the creepy town in oregon they are living in over the summer. she is usually seen sporting an adorable cowl neck sweater with a cute design on it, and a complimenting headband and skirt. she is the master of bedazzling, and covers everything in glitter, stickers, and rhinestones. she would TOTALLY be into decoden. her entire outlook on fashion is one i think a lot of lolitas can identify with-- if it's not cute, MAKE IT CUTER.

she has sparkling sweaters like these, DIY nacho earrings, and is just the brightest bounciest most hilarious little girl you've ever seen. i love her and i feel as though she is my patronus. i cosplayed her last year, and i can't wait to try making her burger and fries sweater soon. 

(wait, i also have a sailor moon cosplay and i've cosplayed the next character, as well.....)

5. Pinkie Pie 

 THIS PONY RIGHT HERE. do you know what she loves? PARTYING AND CANDY. she lives in a BAKERY made of sweets itself. she solves problems with candy and dancing, and i appreciate that on a deep emotional level. she is, in my opinion, one of the very cutest of all the ponies, and i LOVE her gala dress shown above. i think she's an inspiration to eat more cupcakes, dance more, don't take life too seriously, and to party hard and look adorable doing so. she believes in the power of cuteness.

(honorable mention:Rarity)


i had a hard time deciding between rarity and pinkie pie for the pony slot on this list. rarity is the epitome of the lolita spirit. wear the most fabulous things that anyone ever wore, and DONT GET A SPECK OF DUST ON THEM. she is a seamstress and a fashionista, and therefore a lot of her jokes are ones that resonate a little too truely to my life. she also hates getting anything dirty, and she loves to dress up her friends in beautiful clothing of her own design. she could definitely be a big "oh no, i've said that before!" character and an inspiration to many lolitas.

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