Friday, August 24, 2012

Electric Alice + Sanrio review

hello everyone!
sorry i haven't posted a lot recently. i just started classes! so i will be trying to do my kawaii culture college post soon. but for now, let's see what i got in the mail a while ago!


heck yeah, it's my order from Electric Alice!! i've checked on Electric Alice pretty often since i found out about the store around a year ago. they're based in australia and sell tons of cute japanese fashion items, from 6%DOKIDOKI wares to lolita dresses to Celeste Stein printed tights. when their shop updated recently with some new 6%DOKIDOKI items, a favorite brand of mine, i jumped at the chance to buy one of their bracelets for just $15. i think i may have actually bought the last one. but, if you check out their facebook and shop blog they keep you updated on when they get new stock.

so as you can see they don't skimp on the cute when it comes to packaging! i love the pink mailer and stationery outside, and inside there is striped tissue paper that matches their logo. as i always say, adorable packaging always scores big points with me. it shows me the shop went the extra mile to make your experience with them all the more enjoyable!

here's what's inside! my bracelet, and a sticker of their barbie-esque logo. i love the freebie sticker (which i put on my nook). and as for the bracelet i ordered, i am IN LOVE with it. the thing about a lot of "kawaii" fashion items (barring most lolita in this case) is that even if they're cute, they can come off as looking cheap. but when you look at this bracelet, you can tell it's made of nice materials and is much more high end than a plastic bracelet. this is glass, so it feels smooth and sounds like marbles if the beads clack together. i love the color, which is swirled with a little bit of white inside each bead. the beads are just gorgeous and adorable, while still maintaining a great quality look. i hope that someday i can get more of these 6%DOKIDOKI bracelets in other colorways.


as for the quality of the shop, i will definitely be buying from electric alice again. they offer a great range of items, and are very helpful! i emailed wondering if my package had been shipped and someone got back to me quickly and nicely explaining their shipping policy. i love the cute packaging, the free sticker, and the price of the item i bought. overall they're a great business i hope i can buy from again some time!

sanrio's packaging was fairly standard, but it came with the cutest receipt i've ever gotten.

here is the tote! i absolutely love it and have been using it since i got it about a month ago. it wasn't very expensive, but it's nice quality. the lamination of the tote makes it strong and able to hold a good amount of weighty stuff inside. i also like how the lamination looks in combination with the printed fabric!

the pattern is so adorable. i'm a huge fan of little twin stars and i get really happy just looking at all the adorable poses they're in all over the bag.

there's also a sweet lace bow, which elevates it a little from a regular tote.

there's one huge pocket inside which is great for holding a lot of stuff you need to access quickly, like a cell phone or lip gloss.


sanrio's shipping was very fast. i think i got the package in just a few days. i love sanrio and have nothing bad at all to say about them! it's a great item for a good price, and they have a wonderful selection of items online if you don't have a sanrio store anywhere near you. (i personally don't but oh man do i wish...)

so that's it for my review today! please stay tuned for a huge post on preparing for college and how to integrate the kawaii culture aesthetic into your higher learning!

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