Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Recent summer nail polish buys!

hey everyone! today i wanted to show you my recent favorite summertime nail polishes. i love to get a lot of different nail polishes in the summer since i have more free time to spend doing my nails perfectly.

so first up i have this lovely mint green from sally hansen!

i really love sally hansen products in general and this is no exception! this is the prettiest, palest mint green with just a touch of pigment. it also feels really smooth once it's dry, as promised on the bottle. it's slightly iridescent with a little bit of shine. i think this is the perfect shade of mint for the summertime. it takes a few coats to become opaque, however. you can buy this shade, sea, for $5.50 at, or at Target.

this is the first time i've tried a polish by wet n wild. i love this color, "on a trip," so much! it's sort of a creamy neon, and it is really true to its swatch. i love how it's a bright color, but isn't a plasticky sort of polish like many other neons similar to this. the only complaint i have is that it has a HUGE brush. you have to be really careful to keep it off your skin. it's a rounded brush, though, so it makes for otherwise easy application! you can buy it also at Target or for $2 at

this color by NYC is called cashmere creme. it's a beautiful pastel blue, but it is also somewhat metallic! it depends on how the light hits it. it's got a nice silvery touch while still being a sweet pastel. i love this shade a lot, and you can get it for 0.99 on amazon.

i have a few polishes from sinful colors but i've never tried one of their glitters. i picked this shade, pinky glitter, for how many pretty shades of pink it has! it's really gorgeous on. in one layer it looks nice and subtle, but i put it on by itself in several layers. my only problem with it was that it chipped off in whole pieces like CRAZY. it was probably because i used so many layers, though. i think this would look cute over a different shade of pink or purple. i can't seem to find it online but i believe i got mine at Target.

so that's all for right now! i'm putting something together about going into college KAWAII STYLE as well as a post about some things i recently ordered in the mail. so stay tuned!

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