Friday, July 6, 2012

My DJ Room

hi everyone! i have some more kawaii culture stuff and reviews to talk about, and i plan to do a post about anime conventions and different stuff pertaining to them, but for today i thought i'd talk about my dj room.

it's a room i share with my brother's computer activity. i wanted something to look at while i'm practicing at home, so i started decorating the wall with things that inspire me or things that i love. for example, i put pictures of daft punk, my chemical romance and other musicians i love for inspiration with my music. but i put other general inspirations, like sailor moon, homestuck, and my little pony, as well as some things i just plain love to look at like hello kitty.

some daft punks, stephen colbert, pokemon and sailor moon cards, and other assorted stuff.

a sailor moon doll i've had in my collection for years, a guy-man papercraft, and some stickers i've put on my monitors.

one of my biggest inspirations, gerard way! too bad the poster tack made stains.

my lovely homestuck calendar.

a tavros nitram print i picked up at an anime convention, as well as a vintage sailor moon poster, a tenacious d poster from record store day this year, and a poster of DJ PON-3 bumpin beats in the club!

...and the thomas half of my daft punk papercrafts.
i recently upgraded from the gemini turntables i had to the steel standard, technics. i think if you're really serious about djing/turntablism, try to get technics or at least stanton turntables. they're absolutely worth the money because with turntables, you get what you pay for!

the old geminis.
i used the fact that the technics have hard plastic dust covers to indulge in my habit of covering any plain surface with stickers.

i also like to keep my records stored in cool bags from record store day as well as in my lime green crate. i keep my extra cords in the huge bags mighty fine gives away free with their orders-- if you ever buy shirts from them, they usually throw in these giant bags, posters, or stickers.

while my bro's side of the room is not nearly as decorated, it has its share of cuteness!

he has a cool team fortress 2 mousepad!

some tf2 prints and some ponies in a dessert!

his favorite pony is pretty obvious...

he also has a cool collection of mario figures.
that's all for today! but i'll definitely be posting some more reviews soon, for holley tea time and (as soon as the package gets here) electric alice. i should also have one or more posts about anime conventions as a resource for finding cute stuff and some tips about attending them!

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