Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Sales

hello pizza cuties! i just wanted to let you quickly know about a couple different sales going on right now i thought you might be interested in.

romwe pizza-kei pizza kei cute leggings sale printed cool black milk mario cute batman charlie chaplin tumblr winter galaxy hipster

romwe, a brand known for its black milk-esque printed leggings, is having a flash sale for buy one get one half off on all their leggings. they have a lot of cool printed leggings very similar to black milk in design, but at a fraction of the cost. i've never bought from romwe before but i lust after so many of their items, and a lot of fashion bloggers whose opinions i trust have bought from them before and loved them, so i think they're a good bet. they have galaxy leggings, too.

you have to use the code second50% to get the deal.

they are also having a bit of clearance, so when you get your leggings you might want to check that out as well!

the second sale i wanted to notify you of is meltydream's spring sale.

spring fashion meltydream pastel galaxy lolita fairy-kei fairy kei cute pizza-kei kawaii
meltydream is an independent kawaii brand loved by lolitas, creepy cute, fairy-kei, uchuu-kei, and probably even more subcultures i don't know about. she makes the wonderful pastel galaxy skirt, now also available as a miniskirt, as well as cute bows, t-shirts, and other skirts and cute items.

pizza-kei pizza kei cute kawaii lolita sweet creepy cute fairy-kei fairy meltydream pastel galaxy sale

i have the pastel galaxy skirt and i can assure you that the quality is tremendous. it is by far one of the most professional quality independent clothing brand pieces i own, down to the stitching, the printing is really nice quality and looks gorgeous. it takes a while to get, because she makes it to your measurements, so order ahead if you're planning on wearing it to a meetup!

so if you've been eyeing any of her products, now is a great time to buy that meltydream item!

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