Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Revlon Moon Candy Nail Polish Review

so this is the color "280 orbit" of revlon's new "moon candy" line of dual polishes! i love space and glitter, and i tend to get weak in the knees about cute gimmicky polishes, so i leaped at the chance to grab this.

pizza kei cute pizza-kei revlon moon candy orbit review kawaii uchuu kei space galaxy fashion style nebula nail art polish glitter holographic purple

the moon candy series features two small jars of polish, one solid color creme and one holographic glitter. the glitter is so beautiful! i absolutely love how it looks in the bottle. it's beautiful on too, but has its downsides.

the glitter is a mixture of small pieces of glitter, really fine sparkles, and big glitter pieces that can vary in size up to huge foil chunks. i think it looks so pretty in the bottle, and i might like to use it on more pastel polishes in the future, or maybe in layers on its own.

the whole glitter polish has a purpley tint to it rather than just being entirely clear. 

the first polish, the dark purple, is EXCELLENT. it goes on entirely opaque in one coat! i always appreciate that because the more layers of polish you have, the more likely it is to chip. that was kind of negated by the fact i put two or more layers of glitter on it as well as one layer of topcoat. 

it's really hard to control the glitter and i had a lot of difficulty getting a good variation in pieces and also getting it onto my nail. the big pieces wanted to stick to the brush and it took some trying and mess to get it onto my nail.

however, the result really does look beautiful, like the night sky!

the biggest downside to all of this is that the foil-y nature of the glitter makes it tear up, even with a topcoat. maybe if you took the time to apply a new topcoat every night, it would be okay, but i don't have time or energy to do that. it chipped EXTREMELY FAST. the problem with this is that because of the delicate glitter patterns and how it changes the color of the base coat in appearance a bit, it's really hard to do any spot fixes. so, i just let it chip until it was all gone. 

i personally really like to keep up my manicures as long as i can, and usually try to have the same nails for two weeks at a time. this started chipping the next day. so it might be really good to go with a specific outfit for a party or event, and less of a long term manicure. 

even with these faults, i will probably use the duo the same way again! i will use more topcoating next time, most likely, and i will also probably use the glitter with other bases for different looks. i might love to get "supernova" or "galactic" as well, but at about 8 bucks a pop i don't think i'll actually be getting more of these. 

i do love revlon's usual single-color polish, though-- i think the fault lies in our stars here, the big glitter chunks.


  1. Have you tried this glitter over a pastel or on its own yet?? I really love the look of the glitter itself, but I don't like dark polishes in the spring. I've never seen a glitter as beautiful as this!

    1. Wow, sorry for the late reply!! i just saw this.
      no, i haven't tried the glitter over pastels yet! when i do so, i'll be sure to make a post about it. it is such beautiful glitter, i wish it didn't peel so much!



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