Saturday, September 22, 2012

OOTD! 9.21.12

hey everyone! today i had breakfast at this wonderful tiny bakery with my lolita friend annie! i got a pretty little mocha and the best croissant i've ever had in my life. i wanted to wear lolita but lacked the energy.... so i threw on an outfit i already wore, but with a different sweater and t-shirt. as lizzie mcguire's antagonist would say, i'm totally an outfit repeater. but i say, if it works, why not work it??

click stuff to enlarge~

sweater- vintage/ shirt- designed by me, printed for high school french club.

 sorry i look all sleepy and jacked up! i didnt get any sleep and didnt have time to put on makeup.

tights- holley tea time. shoes- converse one star for target. shorts- target.

my japanese AI freaked over my little twin stars necklace, it was really sweet.
accesory breakdown!!

sunglasses- sanrio, bought at king's island
cuff- hot topic
bracelet- 6%dokidoki
ring- sugar bunnies cabochon
small bows- target
watch- target
little twin stars necklace- etsy
bow- ribbonholic

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